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Through syndication, sophisticated investors have the opportunity to join with a small group of like-minded individuals to purchase a property larger than any of them could have on their own. This investment will not only provide an opportunity for a long-term passive income through a share of cash flow, but also allows the investor to share in the equity of the property.

With backgrounds in commercial property management, lending, and having been investors ourselves, we at Triple J Properties understand the importance of our fiduciary duty towards you and your investment and are transparent resourceful investment operators.

Investment: Developments

We invest in excellent locations in both secondary and strong tertiary markets.

We hold investments long term to maximize value.

We evaluate each deal with discipline, carefully considering risks and potential returns.

We are patient and wait for the right opportunity to ensure successful outcomes for all stakeholders. Because we focus solely on commercial real estate investment, we are nimble and can perform thorough due diligence and comprehensive underwriting.

We are not afraid to be creative and think outside of the box. Sometimes there are deals that fly under the radar where there is a sweet spot that can provide exceptional value and returns.

We believe that having good relationships with all parties makes the deal. We take pride in our communications skills and make it a priority to provide frequent, detailed, and realistic communication to our investors.

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